Pirate Festival new sponsoring partner

The Pirate Festival has a new sponsoring parter. Pirates Week conceptualized 34 years back destination that would attract viewers to Cayman throughout the off point season. Throughout the years the Festival has increased and as a social event remains to strike to both householders and guests as well.

Premier McKeeva Bush

The strain of the new concepts by the present Pirates Week assisted in revitalizing festival event, and it prepared for which these innovative new efforts will motivate more visitors to go to the Cayman Islands to notice.  It takes more part in the multitude of tasks provided while offering replay viewers with the initial expertise to delight in. One such concept which has pertained to fruition is an advancement of friendships with pirate krewes which are literally within our intended market and who go globally to pirate’s events.

Cayman Islands Division of Tourist

As a promoter of the activity, the Division of Tourism performs carefully with the festivities organizers and helps with the promo of unique travel plans. These offers allow visitors to have the benefit of the exhilarating social adventures provided while taking advantage of significant cost savings at the same time.


Together with greater than 40 family-friendly activities and consisting of live music efficiencies, street games, ceremonies, sports challenges, fireworks, costumes, and a lot of other endeavours. All provided during Pirates Week; it is hard to choose simply one favourite. Nevertheless, it delighted that from a social factor, with the ongoing advancement of the District Culture Days, Cayman can share numerous elements of our great culture and history with site visitors as well as our younger generation.

About Ca Sau Binh Minh – a crocodile leather company

This company has provided our festival best products and accessories, helped us a lot with budgets which is how we can organize this event annually.


Checking out and relying on assistance for high-end wallet items enduring the brand Binh Minh Crocodile. The items of the Crocodile created from cow skin and crocodile skin where the spearhead item is crocodile skin layer, among the valuable and high quality of these days.

High-end cost quality is the requirements which Ca Sau Binh Minh provides to its consumers. Along with the objective of delivering the originality, simplexes however still program and high-end to the customers, we constantly strive to please our consumers in regards to quality, style, and rate.

For retail consumers, constantly get the slogan of shared advantage. For that reason, the rate of interest and assistance to consumers is the intention power of Ca Sau Binh Minh.

For wholesale consumers, consistently get kindness, interest to speak with, resource consumers to purchase suitable items and constantly dedicated to guarantee on schedule for items.

Lastly, the cost is the element and which the crocodile Binh Minh is constantly fascinated. Reasonable quality constantly verified aspects with Ca Sau Binh Minh will give to consumers, and we assure to aim to verify their name in the marketplace continuously.

About The Goods

Binh Minh Ca Sau Binh Minh significance from Vietnam sessions Export with a group of experienced employees in the market, basic tanning methods. All items are handcrafted, assuring stability and elegance. Here is our declaration about the product of producer, and 100% pure organic entire item of leather.

What Vietnamese say about the products: “Tôi không thể tìm thấy tìm thấy nơi nào bán ví nam cá sấu tốt hơn ở đây; Dịch vụ của Cá Sấu Bình Minh phải gọi là tuyệt vời, họ tư vấn rất kỹ cho khách hàng; Họ hướng dẫn tôi phân biệt hàng da kém chất lượng, có vẻ họ rất am hiểu sâu về lĩnh vực này, tôi luôn tin tưởng khi mua sản phẩm của họ”.

Thank you all

Sponsorships can be a hugely rewarding aspect of a successful event. Without your help, Pirate Festival Fort Myers Beach cannot afford to have a position of top events in this city.

Here’s to the start of a great season. Thank you again for your generous sponsorship. We hope that we will live up to our event of previous years.